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Thoughts, Comments, This N' That
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Sometimes I come across stuff that's just too good to not share! That's what this page is for. Links, anecdotes, quotes, and just anything that catches my eye or piques my interest. These entries may be controversial, on occasion. You are more than welcome to comment. Just send me an email. I'll be happy to add your thoughts to the page :)

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A friend sent me this link and I saved it for my 8 year old grand-daughter. Have to admit, I enjoyed it as much as she did! You don't have to do a thing but sit back and watch. It's a 12 minute journey into space.

Do you remember the day of the week on which you were born? Know what was going on in the world? What notables share your day? Check it out...

And...chances are your birthday is some type of holiday. There are some pretty bizarre ones out there that I never heard of...

OK, so much for the fun stuff. Anyone want to send in a gripe? I won't post your name or email address if you prefer to remain anonymous:)
What REALLY pisses you off?
Here's my contribution, Andy Rooney style:
Extremely high on my list is phone courtesy. Yeh, I realize people who live each day to the fullest with a cell screwed into their ear have those free minutes which MUST be used. But for God's sake, you're on the 8 lane freeway at rush hour. Couldn't you at least roll up the window?
And portable phones aren't much better. Not only do they have their own endearing background noise and frequent crappy reception, but the callee is treated to a lot of "extras". I don't want to hear your toilet flushing, filing cabinet being opened and closed, or pots and pans banging because you're fixing dinner. Personally, it offends me to think that you can't sit still long enough to have a decent conversation. Call me back when you can, or, don't bother to call. I actually know someone who has only portable phones at their place of business. So guess what happens if the power goes out? DUH! How productive is that?

Here's a snicker for you...
Our Government In Action


Cool Pic
I took this outside my condo as a storm was rolling in. Just waiting for that tornado to drop down


I want to make it very clear how I stand on this issue


And my opposition to gambling in FL. Here's why:

My favourite TV show ever is M*A*S*H
Enjoy the Midi!