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About Me
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I was born in Florida and, except for a year and a half in Michigan, have lived here all of my life. Quite frankly, I prefer the seasons, and would love to relocate to a cooler climate. Unfortunately, my job and my family keep me here, so I can only live vicariously through my friends in the north. Thank You for all of those beautiful snow scenes you send in email...sighhhhhh!
I work in the medical field and come home to two wonderful, understanding furkids. I adore wildlife and, in spite of living in a condo, I manage to attract squirrels, birds, lizards, and even possums to my courtyard. I relax by spending time on the puter, and watching the wildlife while sipping a martini or a cold glass of wine:)
Oh..yeh..I also love classical music. You are listening to Fantasie Impromptu in C# by Chopin. If you hang in long enough, you'll recognize the middle part as the well known tune "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows".